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Anna Vronskaya works with silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones to create exceptional, hand-made, one of a kind jewelry. A world-class stonecutter hand-cuts and facets stones for Anna's creations. She travels the world with an eye for unique colors, obtaining gems from Russia, China, Brazil, Africa and South America. Anna combines these with her unique eye for cosmopolitan flair and graceful elegance. 


Anna came to the United States from Russia twenty seven years ago.

Her first career was in film, most notably as a production executive on Sally Porter's "Orlando" with Tilda Swinton and as an associate producer for numerous documentaries about Russia. Despite her success, she wasn't sure if movie production was her true calling.

"If anyone asked me what I really wanted to do, I didnt know the answer...

Now I know. I love what I do. " 


Vronskaya designs are also featured with some of our partners.  

Please visit The Phoenix in Georgetown, one of the oldest shops in the D.C. area. 

There you'll find art from around the world as well as Anna's jewelry. 

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